Skid-Steer & Track Hoe Cutter Attachments by BRUSHMONSTER

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Skid Steer & Track Hoe Cutter Attachments buy direct from Brushmonster

Our skid steer rotary cutter fits most major brands of skid steer loaders. With the BRUSHMONSTER skid steer cutter/mower attachments clearing land has never been easier. Whether it is empty lots, lake and pond banks on your property, trail clearing, bush-hogging or whatever you requirements might be. The BRUSHMONSTER skid steer cutters are available in 5' and 6' sizes with standard-flow and high-flow units that get the job done fast and effectively. If your brand, make or model has special needs, we can modify a hydraulic rotary cutter to fit your skid-steer loader or equipment. Contact us today at 256.547.6710.

BRUSHMONSTER Model 500 Skid Steer Rotary Cutters

Model 500 Brushmonster Skid Steer rotary cutter, skidsteer rotary mower attachment

List $5,295 Buy Direct $4,295

MODEL 500 Features

Cutting Width 60"
16-24 GPM Max
Cutting Capacity 3"
Weight 1000lbs.

High-Flow available add $1,700

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BRUSHMONSTER Model 600 Skid Steer Rotary Cutters

 Model 600 Skid Steer Rotry Brush cutter from Brushmonster

List $5,495 Buy Direct $4,695

MODEL 600 Features

Cutting Width 73"
18-24 GPM Max
Cutting Capacity 4"
Weight 1250 lbs.

High-Flow available add $1,800

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